White on White Crime

White on White Crime

If you’re alert, functional or merely register a pulse, then you’re obviously aware of the phenomenon that is “black-on-black crime”. This is a very real and brutal reality that is unfortunately overshadowed by a significantly less frequent occurrence, “white on black crime”.

If you’re a straight, white male or female, living in most Western nations, then you desperately need to be aware of “white on white crime” and its disturbing intricacies. If you’re blissfully ignorant, you’ll of yet to discern the declaration of war upon middle-class whites, and white families in particular.

If you aren’t capable of recognizing the unwarranted hostility toward ethnically European men, particularly, in contemporary Western countries and you’re one, then read no further. You may very well be unreachable, consumed by the self-loathing and guilt that’s been drilled into your subconsciousness.

Identifying the Enemy

Assuming that you haven’t yet abandoned this post, many of you may be contemplating the validity of the preceding accusations. Fair enough, the first and most significant step in deducing the truth of such an astonishing allegation is to identify the participants.


Primarily low to middle-class folks of European descent, basically, the veritable spine of civilized society and technological advancement. (If this innocuous claim has made you instinctively cringe or raise the hair on your neck, you’ve been compromised. The extent of your vulnerability to suggestion may only be measured by a professional.)


The majority of them are simply unassuming dupes, do-gooders who’ve been manipulated by the overwhelming power of indoctrination. Most of these adherent boobs were born well after this subversive campaign was in full swing.  The reprehensible genius behind this faux movement, all belongs to an omnipotent cadre of influential actors, an evil aristocracy.

They consider all those that reside on the periphery of their gilded order as expendable fodder, to be used as inconsequential munitions and then discarded. These autocratic elitists consider the ignorant masses to exist as their subordinates. Black, White, Asian or aborigine, we’re all unsuitable to direct the course of this beautiful planet.

Not all of their indoctrinated minions are oblivious pawns, there are plenty of voracious opportunists, drooling for a seat at the table, namely politicians. In spite of all the influence and ungodly wealth at their disposal, save for creepy, avaricious politicians, attempts at world domination would be futile.

These parasites know where their bread is buttered and have erected an artificial political theater to pacify the masses. This is an arena where the left proposes ludicrous, self-destructive policies and procedures that will indubitably hasten the collapse of polite society, while the so-called right feigns disapproval and disgust.


A cadre of Sick Motherfuckers

Operating under the cloak of secrecy, the authoritarian, white gentry is providing the manuscript for the political theater. Untethered by humanity or a moral compass, a sinister plot to destabilize the West is tasked to our high-ranking officials.

By infiltrating Euro-ethnic culture with self-defeating behaviors, most of which run contrary to natural law and fundamental survival attributes, they’ll render whites marginalized or worse.

After destabilizing those stubborn, pesky whites, with their inherent drive for freedom and self -determination, the rest will fall in line.

They’ve deemed that the Earth must retain its pristine state, it is their birthright and mustn’t be spoiled by the untouchable masses.


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