What’s New’s?

What’s New’s?

Brittney Griner’s not protesting the U.S. now…

WNBA Lesbian (redundant?) Brittney Griner, detained by Russian authorities in February for smuggling drugs in her luggage, may be coming home. The Biden administration is ready to trade a real criminal and Russian piece of shit for the gargantuan female athlete.

However, news broke on July 27 that the Biden administration had offered a prisoner swap with Russia to secure the release of both Griner and American prisoner Paul Whelan, with sources telling CNN that they had offered to return Viktor Bout, a Russian prisoner in the United States serving 25 years for arms trafficking.- People Magazine

If not for the involvement of the so-called American President, Griner could rot in a Russian jail for up to ten years. There have been rumblings from a minority group of  “sane” Americans that we should reserve this Russian arms dealer for a more valuable American trade, maybe someone that didn’t wantonly break the fucking law.

Until her recent international entanglement, Grimy was all too comfortable shitting on the USA and should probably stay in Russia.

Woman leading a group of demonstrators on road. Group of female protesting for equality and women empowerment.


Did Manchin cave to Schumer’s intimidation or merely secure a payday?

Mr. Schumer, he said, had “turned the dogs loose” on him two weeks ago after he said he could not commit to the plan. But four days later, the two patched up their split and sent their staff back to the negotiating table to find a version both could accept.- New York Times

Inflation is out of control, we’re being over-run by illiterate foreign trash, and our political class can think of nothing better than robbing us fucking blind. This solar and wind bullshit is a one-way ticket to bitchville, China and the Ruskies are laughing their asses off, pathetic American stooges.

Joe Manchin’s sudden reversal was a calculated move, either sparing him from Schumer’s goons or guaranteeing a pimpesque payday. Rotten motherfucker….

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