The War on Whitey

There is certainly something rotten afoot, straight, white men throughout Western Nations have been the subject of a sinister campaign. We’ve been ostracized in the very society and nation that our like-ancestors  are accredited with establishing.

Straight, white men have been the sole framers of the most benevolent and advanced empires in history, shining on as a beacon of freedom till this very day.

It is one of the tenets of natural law that any sovereign civilization is represented by an ethnically homogenous majority, this is true with every race, not exclusively white.

So why pray tell, is there an insidious thirst to demonize straight, white men and saddle them with inordinate double standards?

The lingering question is exactly who is behind this senseless persecution of straight, white men?

Answer… It’s none other than straight, white men and their floozy sidekicks, straight white women.

War on Whitey?

The State’s war on whites has had intrinsic effects on Western culture and society, pathetic sights like Racheal Dolezal are no longer freakish anomalies. Those of European descent are encouraged to loathe their ancestors and ascribe shame to their many valuable contributions to Mankind.

Nowhere has a nation’s founding civilization faced such a bleak future as in the West, with rapid, unvetted replacement by foreign-born entities, propagated by their own government.

Elementary schools across the country are housing our most valuable asset, impressionable young vessels that get preyed upon in their very vulnerable state. In these truly Rotten Times, young children are increasingly the victims of social engineering and an anti-white agenda.

The war on whitey has fixated its sinister gaze on our youth and is producing fragile little beings, incapable of navigating through this cruel World. Perhaps the most disheartening aspect of this unconstitutional indoctrination is a complete lack of parental resistance.

Why the War?

Who are these “straight” white people that have declared a surreptitious war on fellow countrymen and ethnic equivalents? They are a cadre of authoritarian, elitist, an aristocracy of uber-wealthy, power-mad moguls that have set their sinister gaze upon the West.

Although they champion the advancement of brown people and societal deviants, they couldn’t give a shit and use them solely for expendable fodder. Their authority will only be accepted in a society that is broken down, crime-ridden, and on its last leg. The intentional implosion of an advanced civilization can only be thwarted by a cohesive white majority.

White men in particular, so-value their freedom and liberties, only in death will they relinquish them.

So, what can Whitey Do?

Most importantly, recognize that we are under attack and understand that the most effective enemy tactic is from prolonged, incremental disarmament, so never cede an inch.

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