The Kennedy Hit

Under the scrutiny of an objective arbiter, the fraudulent and fabricated claim that was produced by the Warren Commissions would seem preposterous

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The Kennedy Hit: Liquidation of 35

It would be quite shocking to discover an Earthly being, at this point, that still subscribes to the government’s official narrative behind the JFK assassination. The flimsy Oswald conspiracy or “official narrative” would be a preposterous claim by today’s standards, even for most left-leaning politicians.

So why does the American public continue to passively accept this improbable tale? Our government would be hard-pressed to unearth a soul that could convincingly argue in favor of the official findings.

The tale begins...
Everything is on the up and up!

The stakes are much higher than falsely claiming that Kennedy was whacked by a disgruntled reject with a commie bent. It’s an insidious plot, involving bad actors with federal credentials, foreign nationals, and mob affiliates, and the subsequent coverup by high-ranking officials.

If you’re capable of independent thought and reason, the unsettling truth of exactly what had unfolded in Dallas that day is quite fucking alarming. John F Kennedy was forcibly removed from his political post, on the orders of a higher authority, an unelected plutocracy.

Warren Report: Breaches the boundaries of reality, a lie hiding in plain sight

It’s not so much the brutal removal of two card-caring lefties, but the subterfuge that surrounds the lack of justice, until this very day. Most self-identified intellects will argue that if there’d been any sort of conspiracy, it would’ve surely surfaced by now, and yet still no smoking gun.

The fact is that there’s been a seismic trove of compelling evidence proving that the official explanation of the KENNEDY MURDER  IS DEEPLY FLAWED, BUT FAILS TO RECEIVE ANY MOMENTUM or mainstream publicity, ONLY FURTHERS THE REALITY OF A GOVERNMENT COVER-UP.`

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In Summation

John Kennedy was abruptly eliminated on November 22nd, 1963, and on June 5th, roughly five years later, his brother Robert was dispatched with a similar prejudice. As we previously stated, there is a mountain of fucking evidence and arguing this case today, in even, a remotely legitimate court would certainly alter many embedded realities.

Under the scrutiny of an objective arbiter, the fraudulent and fabricated claim that was produced by the Warren Commission would seem preposterous. This smacks of an abusive authority convincing the public that their eyes and minds are lying to them, tantamount to convincing a reasonable man that he’s a fucking rooster.

Please take a brief moment to watch the video above, it should remove the corrupt lens from your eye. Below are also some intriguing videos, but the former is vitally needed.


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