The Brink of Extinction

The Brink of Extinction

Natural Law

The laws of nature are the most fundamental truths, to which all Earthly life must adhere or perish. Unfortunately, these laws aren’t only applicable at our convenience and more often than not, may seem quite cruel within a civilized society.

Nature Laws are simply the corresponding response to a particular action, such as gravity, what goes up, will come down. The inherent fight for survival is one such precept upon which these laws are based and since human inception, has been our salvation.

Recent generations, specifically in the West, have been subjected to external reprogramming, replacing the tenets of logic and reasoning with emotion. We rarely apply objective reasoning to the issues anymore, we conflate most uncomfortable truths with intolerance.

Many of life’s truths are indeed unsettling, more-over, they’re downright cruel and unfair, however, they are as much a basic function of life as is drawing breath.

Most of the earliest humanoids are nothing more than scattered dust, entombed beneath the Earth’s deep sediment. Whether they could comprehend the fundamental laws of nature is a mystery, living in accordance with these rules merely increased the probability of survival.

Purging Natural Law

So why has a deeply funded movement to define these laws as archaic and intolerant, taken root in the most advanced Western countries? There is a concerted effort underway, that intends to destabilize and ultimately collapse our society.

The Brink of Extinction

Throughout this multi-part series, the insidious tactics behind our march to the brink, will be revealed and further elucidated. For decades, the tenets of self-destruction have been incrementally mainstreamed through the liberal gates of pop culture and metastasized.

LGBTQ VS Natural Law

A formidable tactic, that’s been deployed, in efforts to collapse the West and usher in the authoritarian rule is normalizing sexual deviance.

The West is in disarray and teeters on the brink of destruction, drawing ever closer to a fractured society.

The nuclear family and our traditional community values are not the only casualties strewn throughout the subsequent wake of the LGBTQ movement. An equally crippled quarry is the misguided member themselves, weaponized, they serve as expendable munitions in this war on the West.

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