Smelling Blood in the Water

Smelling Blood in the Water

The three most relevant and malignant threats to the United States of America are mass immigration (legal and illegal, which are both presently synonymous), the people’s republic of China, and our old “go-to” Russia.

The appalling state of our southern border is more threatening to our existence than those tiny Asian savages and their Slav-ski counterparts. The untrained eye might assume that any conflict with China or Russia will quickly escalate into a nuclear response, not so.

Putin, more so than Xi Jing-Ping-Pong, doesn’t possess the authority that would be required to usher in a nuclear winter and end the Russian civilization. As unsettling as it is, Russians have been somewhat westernized and value their existence as more than subservient flesh-bots.

Growing threat

China, however, will quickly sashay to the front of the list and become our most threatening adversary if we continue to operate as shameless pussies. The massive hoards, outside of China’s ruling class, understand their place as irrelevant mosquitoes and this provides Xi the leverage to respond as a psychopath.

The Chinese government has been and is currently complicit in the mass extermination of its own citizens, so brutalizing round-eye is as normal as barbequing a dog or cat on a Saturday night.

Until the U.S., either hammers China with overwhelming brutality or gets its shit together on the home front, the Chinamen’s little yellow balls will continue to swell. The most recent example of this disturbing phenomenon is a brazen threat to blow Nancy Pelosi out of the sky. Putting Pelosi on ice would typically solicit a warm and fuzzy feeling for many Americans, but this is a matter of national pride and China’s insolence must force a severe consequence.

Soon there’ll be dozen of “China’s”

The world outside of Western parameters could accurately be recognized as reality, for better or worse. The people that reside beyond our dissipating borders, live under the authority of natural law and respect the precepts of survival.

As other opportunists around the globe get a whiff of America’s rotting testicles and our state-mandated estrogen therapy, they will all begin to eat our lunch. It’s only a matter of time before foes that are less militarily endowed than Russia or China begin to smell blood in the water.

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