S1E2 – China and The Enemy Within (rant version)

S1E2 – China and The Enemy Within (rant version)

Episode Notes

China and The Enemy Within (rant version)
Communist China, our greatest adversary has infested and corrupted our nation’s social and economic hard drive. The Chinese have wantonly pumped fentanyl and cheap wares into the collective arm of America, so much so, they’ve breached the gate with little resistance.

The United States is in no position to curb the flood of Chinese poison that’s killing en- masse, transcending economic class, social standing, and preferred identity. Our leaders refuse to protect our fuckin borders, the Dems cater to minorities, women, and retards, while the republicans squawk but never seem to do anything.

Protecting the borders is a remedial task found in the book “stupid peoples guide to sovereignty”. China might not be working alone and if so, who is the enemy within?

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