Public Predation: Shaming Americans who are unwilling to be murdered

A vulgar display of outrage was recently ignited in N.Y.C. after a dangerous, mentally ill criminal was restrained by a few concerned citizens and subsequently died. Jordan Neely, a severely deranged Michael Jackson impersonator had fractured from reality while riding the Subway and consequently endangered those trapped in the tight space with him.

Corroborating witness testimony had described Neely as a disturbed individual, verbally threatening other passengers, and exuding an unnerving posture. In fear for their lives and without a cop in the vicinity, a few brave passengers threw cation to the wind and restrained Neely from potentially slaughtering everyone.

Whether they were driven by desperation, immense fear, or an innate drive to return to their loved ones, the passenger’s intuition was correct. Jordan Neely was a career criminal with verifiable mental illness and a tragedy waiting to occur.

Neely had 42 prior arrests, which included arrests for drugs and the assault of an elderly woman that resulted in her receiving permanent brain damage. This freak certainly seemed on the trajectory toward serial rape or mass killing, was the public just supposed to wait for these tragedies to unfold?

Thankfully, for everyone involved, besides Neely, a 24-year-old veteran had the balls to restrain Jordan Neely and save untold lives. Unfortunately, Neely succumbed to the restraining choke hold and passed away.

The End… But wait

In bizarro America, the story reads much differently

Most of America’s breaking news and other topical information is generated by a severely compromised mainstream media or state-sponsored propaganda ministry. Many Americans don’t have time or believe it’s not necessary to acquire information through a compilation of independent sources, and the Establishment relies on this fact.

Tragic occurrences, like the death of a deranged criminal who fancied himself to be Michael Jackson, metamorphosis into agenda-driven propaganda. The story of a heroic military veteran is molested and altered into headlines like these:

“Black man snuffed out for voicing his frustrations”

“Man killed for riding the subway while black”

“Vigilante white guy snuffs out subway icon”

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