Kevin Space-case

Kevin Space-case

Judging by the current pop-culture milieu, anyone who has recently gained any self-awareness hasn’t a clue to the extent of Kevin Spacy’s vile contribution and its stain on our atmosphere.

Only a couple of years ago, the celeb-trash network was abuzz with the public revelation of Spacey’s predatory actions. Sure, he’d been exiled by Hollywood’s authority of twisted morals and scandalous behavior, but that’s a fucking pass by anyone’s standards.

At the very least, there’d been rumblings from the silent majority that this Creepshow should have been gelded and flogged or vise-versa. There was a bubbling shit-ton of allegations against this fucking pervert, pedo-rapist, from a multitude of credible sources.

Spaceley’s primary quarry were underage white boys, but certainly not exclusive to, he had an insatiable taste for violating both genders of sub-adults. Obviously, like most cowardly, pieces of shit, Kevin had an easier time wrangling in societies most vulnerable.

This is just one video that’s been submitted, corroborating Kevin’s qualification for this prestigious award.


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