Indigenous Peoples Month or Anti-White Month?

Indigenous Peoples Month or Anti-White Month?

The month of November, Autumn’s most exhilarating time,  and more importantly, some of my best memories had occurred in the brisk weeks before December. In this season, more so than any other, I revel in the warm congeniality of friends and loved ones, engaging in the same customs and traditions of our shared culture.  

I deeply apologize for being “late to the party”, however, I only recently discovered that November is now Indigenous Peoples Month. It would be more appropriately named if it were known as Previous Peoples Month, considering that there’s ample evidence to disprove their “indigenousness”.

Not being one to piss in your Cheerios, I’m all for uplifting any of my fellow countrymen and that’s a fact, Jack! So-called Native Americans may be appealing in commercials and apologist documentaries but most of the tribes were excessively violent with primitive societies.

It’s also worth noting that throughout history, every race, color, or person have succumbed to forced displacement or had the shit conquered out of them. Why, pray-tell, do white Americans let themselves get bullied and guilted into accommodating other cultures and races in our own country?

When have you ever heard of China or Japan acquiescing to celebrate the former adversaries that they had “put down” or brutally displaced? What about Ethiopia, Nigeria, Uganda, and so on, do they canonize the poor wretches that they have violently slaughtered, tortured, or raped?

Anti-White Month

Honestly, there is some real fucking reaching taking place, Indians are no better than any other subjugated failures, throughout the annals of history. Indigenous Peoples Month is just another example of the defamation and misinformation that’s been associated with white people, the official punching bags.

Why is it so uncomfortable to suggest that America is a byproduct of European ingenuity and exceptionalism?

Why do so many white Americans display such an aversion to the truth?

Remarkable men of European descent, sharing the fundamental tenets of Western culture are solely responsible for the overwhelming greatness and lasting success of the American Empire. This is just a historical fucking fact; how can it be interpreted as anything else?

In summation

If you haven’t yet discovered it, this site and the majority of its submissions, all derive from the nearly indisputable evidence, suggesting a war on whites and the West. Indigenous Peoples Month is merely further proof to argue this allegation.

  • Pride month
  • Black history month
  • Hispanic heritage month
  • Women’s month
  • Jewish American heritage month
  • Asian Pacific heritage month
  • And fucking so on…….

Can you deduce what month is not represented? Uh-huh

"Woke" Jimmy is irate
“Woke” Jimmy, hates himself.

We do not endorse homicide, genocide, or even spermicide.

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