Identity Crisis (1st entry)

Identity Crisis (1st entry)

“To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child. For what is the worth of human life, unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?”

― Marcus Tullius Cicero

A brief summary of American identity

The storied rise and fall of the  Roman Empire should be read as a cautionary tale for those of us in the West struggling through these tumultuous times. They too, foolishly abandon their native identity, a perilous misstep that hastened their demise.

“Cling fast to (virtus), I beg you men of Rome, it is a heritage that your ancestors bequeathed you. All else is false and doubtful, ephemeral, and changeful; only virtus stands firmly fixed, its roots run deep, it can never be shaken by any violence, never moved from its place.”

— Cicero

Virtus was an ideal characteristic specifically attributed to the Romans, setting the standard and shaping a strong national identity. Most notable and prosperous societies are built and maintained by people of shared blood and similar identity.

A homogeneous people, driven by a common objective,  will lend continuity to their culture and increase the odds of survival, and perhaps, ascend to exceptionalism.

US Constitution sitting on an American flag

The United States’ rapid ascent to world dominance can be attributed to the strength of its people, they shared a common ancestry and a common objective. Many of the legendary men that were pivotal to our nation’s epic rise, were men of virtue and integrity, men who highly regarded similar principles and shared beliefs.

Distinguished and often heroic men bore undeniable qualities, they were proudly American and maintained a strong patriotic identity that set the standard and stoked nationwide enthusiasm.

The men that set the tone

Political opportunists, intent upon stigmatizing and marginalizing American identity, will take cowardly pot-shots at our courageous founders for their connections with slavery, knowing it will charge their overly-emotional minions.

These sophisticated charlatans are astutely aware that the world perspective in the 18th century was vastly dissimilar to the present day, slavery had always been an integral part of human development until the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Slavery, like every other unsettling aspect of Mankind, must be viewed in its historical context and cease being used for political subterfuge.

It was men of European descent that finally banned the dehumanizing practice for good, around 1948, although mostly ignored by the media, human prey continues to fuel this barbaric machine, under the darkness and silence in many non-white countries.

“No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.”- U.N.

Enslavement of some form or another is almost exclusively practiced in several non-white nations around the globe today.

Had America’s founders existed in a slave-free world, like the present day, there is zero probability that they would have participated in such a brutal institution.

It’s still difficult for us to envision a slave owner as anything but a sadistic monster, short on empathy and long on cruelty. However, this dichotomy can be equated to abortion; someday soon, gifted scholars will debate the justification for a supposedly advanced society to engage in such a barbaric and primitive practice.

They will argue over this sharp contrast, how could people that profess to value human life so unequivocally, participate in the ghoulish extraction and termination of humanity’s most precious commodity, viable infant lives?

Pioneers & Settlers

We are spiraling into the abyss.

The founders were definitely the impetus for American identity, its extenuation continued with the early pioneers, settlers of the West, and finally, the greatest generation.

America’s early pioneers were rugged individualists who subdued inhospitable landscapes and deadly adversaries, they braved the perilous unknown as they advanced our expansion Westward. 

Long before social absurdity and the intrinsic weakness of political correctness had crippled our culture, men like myself, in their younger years,  emulated the strong pioneers with realistic toy guns, knives, and bows & arrows.

This innocuous act of a child attempting to portray his classical heroes had helped define a clear sense of good and evil, right and wrong, it further strengthened our identity.

It’s easy to criticize how the early pioneers subdued a hostile adversary and tirelessly forged their way westward, despite risking a brutal death waiting behind every corner.

Unlike today’s spoiled lefties, ignorantly defaming historical icons,  from the safety of their dwelling, coddled by modern amenities, early settlers hadn’t the luxury of a civil and pampered society.


Ironically, Democrats and lefty radicals, wouldn’t have this platform to voice their obnoxious drivel, had it not been for the sacrifices of the men that they so-self-righteously condemn.

Unfortunately, the last men to selflessly pay tribute to our nation’s strong and non-ambiguous identity are almost all gone, they are the men of the WW2 generation.

The greatest generation

Despite the occasional anomaly, the last stock-pile of great men are in their nineties and rapidly depleting, among these casualties of time, deemed the “greatest generation”,  are the last heroes of the second world war.

My grandfather belonged to that class and like many other young men, he exaggerated some, to meet the military’s minimum age requirement. Courage and selflessness to this degree was inherent attribute that often defined the men of this era, as it did their fathers.

After serving proudly in the Pacific theater, routing out tenacious Jap’s throughout the rugged hills of Okinawa, my grandfather returned home to the world as he left it, with a dutiful and loving wife,  property, a house, and a future that was entirely in his hands.

These were men that appreciated the civilized society and the modern safety that eluded their forefathers, a fact that made them grateful for every risk that their ancestors heroically embraced.

Generally speaking, I’m confident that recent generations of young men, particularly in America,  couldn’t possibly replicate the will, the judgment, or the moxie of the World War Two generation.

These men were tasked with saving the world, that was their objective and they proudly risked their lives to fulfill that duty. The caliber of man that was needed to foil a Nazi regime bent upon world domination doesn’t exist today, sadly.

The drive to fight and die was a bi-product of an iron will to preserve their American lineage and distinct identity, a concept that eludes most of today’s maxi-pad clad pussies.

Democrats have worked tirelessly to remove American history from schools and poison the well of our future leaders with uncertainty and a massive lack of self-awareness. They’ve intentionally blurred the deliberate lines between right and wrong and good and evil, weakening our children and sabotaging their opportunity for individual greatness.

America, shit, the entire West, is suffering from an identity crisis, a deliberate and treasonous act which is being exacted by fellow countrymen, no less. This is nothing short of a war-like provocation, what does it matter if you lose your country from the fallout of an enemy explosion or by the subversive agenda of disloyal countrymen?

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