Harvey in Hell

Harvey in Hell

This vile wretch has entered the Earthly hell that’s been otherwise reserved for mere mortals. The public will never be privy to the rationale behind Harvey’s descent, maybe his inviolable speed-pass was revoked by Hillary.

Weinstein sashayed through the Salad Days much longer than most, raping and dehumanizing some real diamonds in his time. It’s hardly a secret that he rolled with a bulletproof fraternity of vipers before they inexplicably cut him loose.

Weinstein’s uncanny ability to allude to any judicial detection may be attributed to the circles he hunted in, and the type of trash that he preyed upon.

Weinstein had the world by the balls, an impeachable slug that had overindulged on the calorie-laden souls of the lost and the dammed, for decades.

In 1979, Harvey and his brother Bob co-founded Miramax, the golden goose that gave Weinstein unimpeded access to dine on his human quarry. In a relatively short time, the studio was producing films of acclaim and cementing its powerful status.
The Weinstein brothers wielded omnipotent power and influence over those that needed them, often with a heavy-handed approach. They quickly gained a reputation for deploying tactics of intimidation and fear, ruthlessly exploiting their subordinates.

These early years were truly indicative of the Salad Days for Weinstein, raping, and victimizing with impunity, while still maintaining a status of prestige. During this period, Weinstein violated multiple Hollywood diamonds, despite his sick and repulsive aesthetics.

Salad must eventually wilt

Sure as fuck, Harvey would inevitably loose the golden goose and continue to get by with a substitute chicken. The studio began to blow out a stream of steaming turds, as Harvey’s once uncanny ability began to be called in question. In 2011, he would finally begin to absorb the sunshine again and his wheels would grip the pavement once more, preferable circumstance for a serial rapist.

This brief resurgence of success couldn’t prevent his impending fall or negate Harvey’s pension for dominating and pillaging.

The chickens come home to roost

At the ripe age of 67, after two decades of heavy-handed debauchery, the executive privileges for Harvey Weinstein were finally revoked. Still the epitome of Satan’s crotch rot incarnate, Weinstein looked to wrangle some pity-points by rocking a walker.

In February2020, Weinstein was found guilty as fuck and will certainly draw his last disgusting breath in confinement. The ironic reality that the majority of his victims were fellow shit farmers, does nothing to diminish the severity of his crime.

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