Fraternity of Vipers

Fraternity of Vipers

As the glossy veneer rapidly dissipates around us, so goes the illusion of liberty and freedom that has made America a shining city on a hill. We’re no longer a nation of laws and governed by checks, and balances, but a lawless land that’s overseen by a perverse, power-mad cadre of men.

When did we veer so far off course and arrive at the place where a former President can be arrested for political expediency?

The press, designed as a safeguard from tyranny, has been upended and replaced by hand puppets that faithfully serve the unelected regime. A public relations empire that does the bidding of politicians who no longer serve the will of the people. a fraternity of vipers that’s woefully addicted to opulence and imprisoned by the trappings of excess.

The 46th President, Uncle Joe Biden, along with his toxic foibles are the byproduct of this fraternity. Biden was selected into office by a culmination of corruption, voter fraud, and rampant election interference by an agenda-driven media.

The press turned a blind eye to Biden’s “pay for play” Vice Presidency and the multi-million dollar kickbacks by foreign nations to his immediate family. While a hero like Donald Trump was being targeted by the establishment and subjected to a plethora of erroneous allegations; Hunter Biden’s laptop was suppressed and later argued to be Russian disinformation.

As vile and debauched as actors in the political theater are, they’d be rendered impotent save for the treachery and reach of a reprobate media, a fraternity of vipers.

Click the link below (funny face) to see a mind-blowing video

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