Enemy Within Chronicles: Who, How, & Why

Enemy Within Chronicles: Who, How, & Why
Who stands to gain the most from destabilizing the United States and negating its population’s ability to defend itself? Who’s been actively usurping America’s influential reach and global dominance, resources, and sovereignty? Radical Islam? Those crafty Chinese? Or could it be those pesky Russians?

Shockingly, The United States has been privately absorbing a volley of debilitating assaults from its actual adversaries for decades. It’s these vulgar provocateurs that falsely incited American fears, manufactured its adversaries, and fabricated the people’s scope of free will.

America’s most imminent threat lies within and exists as a Godless ruling class that’s inherently driven by self-righteousness and entitlement to rule over the vulgar masses. This inbred aristocracy won’t be restrained by moral axioms or religion, legal jurisdiction, or the sanctity of sovereign governments. It’s this lack of accountability that’s permitted this perverse agency to commit heinous acts against Man, in the name of expediency.

To usurp absolute authority over the United States, the ruling class is subverting the very essence of the republic, its identity. In doing so, the people will no longer have a culture to preserve, a cause to fight for, or fundamental wrong to rally against.

They’ve undermined The U.S,’s most trusted institutions, most notably academia, news, and information, and they’ve fabricated a functioning political theater designed to debase American liberties.

To ensure this degree of destabilization permeates thru American society, this unelected oligarchy has installed gatekeepers to uphold and administer its self-immolating agenda. Once the complete collapse of society is obtained, an irrefutable and psychotic regime can reign with impunity.

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