“Dirty” Dan Schneider

Before successfully transitioning to a career behind the scenes, Dan Schneider appeared in several unmemorable films. Schneider’s repulsive physical presence might have doomed any of his on-screen ambitions, but he blossomed tremendously from behind the lens.

In 1988, Schneider co-hosted some Nickelodeon bullshit and subsequently established himself as an essential cog in the spokes of their creative machine. Schneider was the driving force behind many successful projects, giving him, otherwise impossible access to a bevy of potential beauties.

In 2018, Dan parted ways with Nickelodeon, and the accounts of his bizarre behavior began to surface. Deadline Hollywood was the first to uncover the complaints surrounding his dark, twisted behavior and his fetish for the feet of young girls.

Of course, this was all news to Mr. Schneider, who insisted that he’s normal and above that sort of shit.

After the first salvo was launched against Schneider’s character, a volley of accusations followed, including his effect on a young Ariana Grande. There are several accusations that D.S. had sexualized Grande, whatever that means. Something rotten infected her mainframe, so profoundly, that she’d wind up dating irredeemable trash like Pete Davidson.

Grande wasn’t the only girl that fell prey to Schneider’s warped, sexual advances, so were demented floozies like Jamie Spears, Amanda Bynes, and others. These impressionable girls had once viewed the rotund producer as a father figure of sorts.

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